Taiwan set to open 100 language learning centers

  • By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jonathan Chin / Journalist, with an editor

Taiwan is on track to establish a global network of 100 Mandarin learning centers by 2025, said Overseas Community Affairs Council Minister Tung Chen-yuan (童振源).

The council has so far established 43 Taiwanese Mandarin learning centers: 34 in the United States, two in France and the United Kingdom, and one in Australia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Sweden. said Tung last week.

The program met its implementation targets ahead of schedule, he said, adding that 28 new centers would open after being certified later this year.

Other goals of the council include strengthening solidarity among overseas Taiwanese communities, integrating the business resources of overseas Taiwanese, and utilizing innovation in student recruitment and learning. , did he declare.

The council is holding contests to speak, sing and write in Mandarin and is improving its use of web resources, he said.

The Taipei Ministry of Education’s Taipei CooC-Cloud and the Ministry of Education’s online multimedia platform are working with the council to promote Taiwan-led Mandarin education overseas, it said. he declares.

The country’s promotion of Mandarin-learning centers is partly aimed at replacing the Confucius Institutes in Beijing after governments and universities in many countries began shutting down the programs for allegedly practicing censorship and propaganda in the countries. hosts.

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