prsu: Prsu Lab to help rural students learn foreign languages ​​| Allahabad News

Prayagraj: Good news for students from rural backgrounds, they will now be able to learn foreign languages ​​at Prof. Rajendra Singh University (Rajju Bhaiya).
PRSU has announced that it will make its language laboratory fully functional during the new academic session. With a large portion of PRSU students coming from the rural belt of Prayagraj region and neighboring districts like Pratapgrah, Mirzapur and Kaushambi, they will be able to learn foreign languages ​​like German, French, Mandarin and spoken English through the state of the- artistic tools.
To make this dream project of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. AK Singh functional, the university administration has already started to procure the required software.
“Students will be able to learn different regional languages ​​of the country and popular languages ​​of the world through audiovisual support. In this way, our students will meet the needs of industry,” Professor Singh said.
The lab will allow students to listen to the model’s pronunciation, rehearse and record it, listen to their performance and compare it with the model, and even do a self-assessment, he added. .
Officials said the lab will instill confidence in students in the language they consider foreign.
Content should be multimedia-rich with proven language methodologies, including computer-based training and instructor-led training. It will also include an array of rich study material that is made available to students for practice.
It will also allow students to learn at their own pace. With more privacy, students will feel confident to fill in their gaps and work on improving their language skills.
Teachers will be able to distribute their attention equally among students.
They will also be able to assess the growth pattern of students and take a call to improve those who are being left behind.

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