Practice with uTalk to learn foreign languages ​​and hear every nuance with these xFyro noise canceling headphones


TLDR: The Lifetime Language Learning Bundle with uTalk and xFyro lets you learn two new languages, while hearing them with crystal clarity.

Sometimes it’s best to try to erase all possible reasons for procrastinating or not moving forward on a project all at once.

Like saying the reason you haven’t started learning Italian yet is that those headphones you have are really crummy and make it hard to listen to online lessons.

Well you just lost that excuse with that Lifetime Language Learning Bundle with uTalk and xFyro ($49.99, 85% off TNW offers).

The cornerstone of this pack is a lifetime subscription to all learning materials from the uTalk Language Teaching System.

With over 30 million users worldwide, Talk makes it easy to learn real-world vocabulary and syntax for some of the most widely spoken languages ​​on the planet right from your smartphone or tablet. These courses use native speakers and incorporate innovative learning techniques that allow learners to quickly grasp basic words and phrases in the language of their choice.

As skills improve, uTalk monitors progress without ever rushing, allowing users to learn at their own pace so they can learn better and use their time more efficiently. With a list of over 140 languages ​​available, students have access to one of the widest language selections on the web, including off-the-beaten-track choices like Gujarati, Mouri, Tswana, and more.

For either of the two languages ​​users ultimately choose, they can dive into over 60 different learning topics with up to 180 hours of content accessible through virtually any device. It even works offline, so the workout never has to stop, even when you’re on the go and out of WiFi range.

And just so you catch every nuance and pronunciation of your language training, this pack also includes a pair of xFyro Active Noise Canceling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds. In addition to 7mm drivers made from graphene, one of the strongest and thinnest materials available, for brilliant sound reproduction, these headphones also employ AI-powered noise cancellation.

These algorithms allow the headphones to interpret thousands of real-world noises and automatically eliminate them from your listening. Rather than blocking out everything, these headphones intelligently eliminate audible distractions like room noise, indirect conversations, air conditioners and more, while letting important sounds through, like alarms, sirens or someone calling you. speak directly.

They also feature full IPX5 water resistance and a robust battery life that can keep playing music for up to 100 hours with recharges from the included charging case.

The Lifetime Language Learning Bundle with uTalk and xFyro regularly sells for over $330, but for now, that’s it available now at 85% off, down to just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change


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