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The fact is that the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the containment measures and the risk of illness caused by the corona virus shook the world. This situation has strained the education system across the world and forced educators to switch to online mode of teaching. Many academic institutions that were previously reluctant to change their traditional teaching approach had no choice but to switch completely to online teaching based on digital platforms and Pardisan Foreign Language Institute was no exception. .

Online education is the process of educating others through the internet. Various methods can be used, such as one-on-one video calls, group video calls, and webinars. Virtually any subject or skill can be taught online, but popular subjects include languages, math, science, and business.

The most important concern for language learners after deciding to learn a new language is choosing a school. Nowadays, with the spread of online advertising methods, we can easily find several language schools in our city, region or near our place of residence. But which one to choose seems difficult. Also, what other points should we pay attention to before signing up? We have prepared a list of these points that you can review together.

Staff behavior

From the first moment you enter the language school, the behavior of the collection manager, the language teachers and even the administrative staff of the registration department shows you, this is the main customer orientation or receiving lessons! A good language school is one that has compassionate staff whose main goal is to provide the best educational services, and nothing more.

Teaching method

Learn about language teaching techniques and methods. If you are taking your children to a language school to learn, check to see if the teaching methods are suitable for your child’s age and mood. If you are going to learn a language online, know how to organize online lessons and the online system you want. Also find out about teaching resources and teaching aids.


Leveling allows you to directly access the part of language training you need. Leveling also reduces the cost of learning. So if you feel that this point is not taken seriously or that your level is much lower than it is, it is clear that you are not dealing with a good school.

Experienced masters

Proficiency in the foreign language in question does not necessarily mean having teaching experience. We all know Persian well; But can we be an excellent Persian language teacher? Definitely, to have such a skill, we must have a proper teaching degree, high teaching experience, and special communication skills. Therefore, before enrolling in a language school, it is best to research the experience and expertise of the language teachers at that school.

Focus on learning

Language teachers can attend online language courses and teach the educational content. But what is more important than their teaching is how much learners learn. In a good language school, the learner must be able to do trial and error for this process to eventually lead to learning.

Language teachers should monitor the progress of language learners at the language course stage with appropriate teaching tools and support them in the learning process. Having a standard education system and appropriate teaching tools will make language learners more successful in their learning.

Online courses at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​Pardisan

In Paradisan language school , all methods are used to meet the needs of the students. Students can start learning from anywhere (home or office).

Depending on the circumstances, Pardisan’s IT department has designed a new website that creates a suitable platform for online education and training. Using the strongest online learning/teaching platforms at home and abroad allows us to transfer the traditional learning environment to the digital world.

We no longer have geographic restrictions on the admission of language learners and pride ourselves on providing educational services to all of our compatriots both at home and abroad.

The Pardisan Education Department has made it possible for all applicants and language learners to take an online placement test and start their language lessons without physical presence at Pardisan branches.

Given the experience of the past two years and the continuous training of Pardisan instructors in teaching methods and techniques in the virtual environment, we are proud to be one of the best online education providers in Iran .

Undoubtedly, the growing importance of online teaching suggests that this mode of teaching will quickly become an effective teaching method and Pardisan Foreign Languages ​​Institute will keep pace with these changes. If you are not physically able to attend our classes, feel free to join Pardisan Online Classes.

English, German, French and Turkish are taught in a virtual environment by experienced and dedicated teachers. Our online courses are convenient and flexible. Pardisan brings education right to your doorstep. Online courses can definitely have financial benefits for students.

We are proud of your presence at Pardisan Foreign Language School.


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