Northern Lights Now Offers Cree Language Learning Programs at Two Schools


At its March meeting, the Métis Provincial Council approved the expansion of early language learning programs. This fall, all 12 MN–S regions in Saskatchewan are offering Aboriginal language programs for their young learners.

The six new school divisions include Living Sky, Northern Lights, Horizon, Good Spirit and Prairie Valley. The MN-S partnership further supports efforts to promote, preserve, protect and revitalize Indigenous languages.

During its pilot year in 2020, the Michif and Dene language learning programs supported 130 junior kindergarten and kindergarten students in six school divisions. The program expanded last year and has helped more than 300 Métis children of Michif, Northern Michif, Michif French and Dene ancestry.

The Northern Lights School Division presents the Cree language learning program to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at Pre-Cam Community School in La Ronge and Ministik School in Cumberland House.

The expansion of Early Learning Language programs is expected to attract more than 600 young students across the province.

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