New online store dedicated to everything related to Rooibos


Credit: Dan Farrell via Unsplash

The new online store, called Shop Rooibos, sells a variety of Rooibos tea as well as other unique Rooibos-based products, including skin care lines, baked goods like muffin mixes and books of recipes containing recipes using Rooibos as an ingredient.

The digital switchover

The company says it recognizes the growing shift to digital sales channels and its goal is to remain accessible to customers amid this transition. With its new e-commerce platform, Rooibos Limited wants to “remain the first point of call” for consumers looking to purchase Rooibos and Rooibos-related products.

“Our goal was to create a platform where people can not only learn about the benefits of Rooibos, but also order their products online. With the dramatic increase in demand for e-commerce, we have surely seen the market for it,” says Gerda. De Wet, Communications Manager of Rooibos Limited.

The platform was designed to be shopper-friendly on all devices, but especially on mobile since 82% of consumers shop online from a mobile device, according to a 2019 report from Statista.

Rooibos Limited said it wants to give users full control over how they wish to receive the products they have ordered. Therefore, consumers can either visit the House of Rooibos tea house to pick up their order, if they are in the Clanwilliam area, or opt for courier delivery when paying. If the latter option is selected, their products will arrive at their delivery address in South Africa, within 5-7 working days.

For the moment, Shop Rooibos does not ship internationally. They do, however, plan to roll out international shipping in the near future. When this feature becomes available, Rooibos Limited states that it is their goal for Shop Rooibos to be the leader in e-commerce sales of Rooibos globally.


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