Modern Foreign Languages ​​at Flint High School


A FLINTSHIRE secondary school that promoted the benefits of language learning throughout September hailed the initiative as a big success.

Flint High School’s language department launched a Duolingo challenge earlier this month to inspire students and staff to reach 500 points in one month.

Duolingo is a free online program that offers lessons to teach reading, listening, and speaking skills effectively and efficiently. Students were able to study the language of their choice, and Welsh, French, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Italian, German and Greek are some examples that have been chosen.

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Language teacher Vic Smith has set up the school’s classroom on the program and already over 250 students, staff and parents have signed up and are learning a language of their choice. The school awarded prizes to top students and staff who reached the 500 point level, including specially ordered multilingual badges.

The school used the recent European Day of Languages ​​to further promote language learning and celebrate the different languages ​​spoken by staff and students.

Students enjoying the photo booth during language challenges at Flint High School.

A variety of language-themed activities were organized for the day, including a quiz, photo booth and “adopt a language for a day” where staff chose a language to learn and used phrases in that language. language throughout the day with their classes.

Laura Evans, Language Program Manager, said: “We believe it is essential that our students see the importance of language learning and the benefits that come with it, such as building social and cultural connections. , health and cognitive benefits, enjoyment and development. skills highly valued by employers.

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“We have been amazed by the fantastic response to all the activities and we have certainly seen more enthusiasm for language learning, the participation in the Duolingo challenge reflects this. We also have good engagement with ‘Languagenut’ who is a website that students use to improve their French outside of class, and students regularly receive certificates and prizes to celebrate their progress.

“It’s really encouraging to see so many students, staff and even parents participating and enjoying learning a new language. We look forward to the continued success of our campaign to drive language learning adoption, and congratulations to everyone who has already begun their journey!”

In March, Years 8 and 9 pupils will take part in a joint Welsh and French trip to Disneyland Paris where they will attend St David’s Welsh Weekend.


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