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There are many things in this world that we do not understand. Case in point: A Colombian woman says she is now fluent in a foreign language after a trip to the ancient Teotihuacan pyramids just outside Mexico City. The instant TikTok star said that after the aliens at the pyramid granted her the ability to communicate with them, she now serves as a medium for astronauts, spreading their message to humanity.

Well, that’s a lot to unpack. And while the Babbel language learning can’t teach you to speak another language as quickly as you would have learned through alien intervention, Babbel certainly co-signs Strange Alien Lady and her galactic overlords’ take on understanding through a common language.

Developed by over 150 earth people language experts and teachersBabbel claims it can have you speaking confidently in any of the 14 languages ​​they offer in as little as 21 days.

Whether you’re ready to finish your school years’ Spanish, French or German training or tackle a new choice like Russian, Swedish or Japanese, learners have immediate access to over 8,500 hours of premium language training.

Through traditional lessons and even not-so-traditional methods like videos, podcastsand more, Babbel thrives on strengthening your basic conversational skills, with real-world situations covering topics like family, business, ordering a meal, booking transport, and more.

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Broken down into quick 10-15 minute lessons designed to slip naturally into a busy schedule, learners quickly build up a reservoir of words, phrases and cultural knowledge in their new language to accelerate their training.

Of course, language is about communication – and it’s centered around one-on-one conversation. Babbel not only offers reviews to help critical lessons sink in, but with Babbel’s own speech recognition technology, learners are assessed on how well they speak their new language. If there’s an area where your spoken word game is a little uneven, Babbel will reinforce it with additional personalized training to help you improve.

Learners can view a Babbel membership as an investment in themselves. But even then, it never hurts to save some money. With this offer, a Babbel subscription is available now for as low as $6.25 per montha saving of 60% on the usual total.

Prices are subject to change.


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