Learn the Languages ​​of Love This Valentine’s Day / Lingoda, an online language school, partners with dating expert Maria Avgitidis to highlight the variety of languages ​​of love


MIAMI, February 8, 2022 – Lingoda, one of the best online language schools, today announced the launch of its new campaign to highlight the variety of languages ​​for love this Valentine’s Day season. The campaign will partner Lingoda with famed New York-based matchmaker Maria Avgitidis, founder of Agape Match and host of the Ask a Matchmaker podcast. Maria is also known as @MatchmakerMaria on social media.

Communication is an important element in any relationship, from actual speaking to more subtle gestures. By combining Lingoda’s expertise in speaking in different languages ​​with Maria’s relationship expertise, consumers will be able to understand the importance of language and communication in relationships. While many are still trying to think of the perfect gift to get that special someone in their life, the campaign will seek to educate consumers on how to give the gift of (love) language to their partners this Valentine’s Day. In a live session on Maria’s popular #AskAMatchmaker session on February 9, she will introduce her audience to love languages ​​and educate them on how to decode and translate your partner’s love language. .

“Love languages ​​are not learned at school or in the classroom. Our partnership with Matchmaker Maria may seem unlikely at first glance,” said Michael Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda. “But with Maria and her expertise in the dating world, she can provide insight into the five love languages ​​while Lingoda can teach you how to communicate better in a variety of languages. We can’t teach you love languages but we can teach you Spanish, French, German and English.

Lingoda’s learning method meets the language learning needs of adults. When you want to learn a language quickly, you can take as many lessons per week as you want. If you want to learn at a slower pace, you can do that too. Plus, students are constantly learning with our expert teachers who provide plenty of opportunities to practice their speaking skills in a safe, non-judgmental environment while exposing you to many different dialects and accents.

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