Language learning platform Clozemaster will restrict free users to 30 sentences per day


The internet has been great for language learners all over the world. It gave people access to many free and paid resources, accessible in the browser or through apps. Now, one such service, Clozemaster, announced that it will tighten restrictions on free accounts so that they can only study 30 phrases per language per day. Typically users make sets of ten sentences and fill in the blanks with the missing words, it’s unlimited at the moment but from August 14 the new limit will be introduced.

According to the Clozemaster team, they want to add more features to the site to help people learn their target language faster and more efficiently. He also wants to redesign the website to make it easier to use and add more languages ​​such as Latvian, Irish and Swahili. He also said he wanted to fix bugs faster and improve the speed and reliability of his website and mobile app. To accomplish these things, however, he says he needs more money.

Starting August 14, free users will be limited to how much they can study their target language. Clozemaster Pro subscribers will, however, be able to play without restrictions. To assuage users’ sentiment about this, the company is offering existing users a 50% discount on Clozemaster Pro, which normally costs $8 per month or $60 per year, there is also a lifetime option. If you already have an account, you can use code CMPRO22 before August 13 to get 50% off, including the lifetime option.

You will still be able to use Clozemaster to supplement your learning, even if you don’t pay, you just won’t be able to devote as much time to it. If you need other resources to help you improve your skills, you can’t go wrong with Duolingo, Memorizea Anki Bridgeand The Yojik website.


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