Language learning game Influent launches on Android


This April 21, Three Flip Studios’ Immersive Language Learning Game influential will launch on Android through the Google Play Store, which has taught over 500,000 students on PC.

Playing games is a great way to learn a new language while having fun! In Influent, players can choose from different languages ​​and start collecting words in the residence of inventor Andrew Cross. Learn as many new words as he can as he shows the world the power of his remarkable invention! When a pioneering technology, known as SanjigenJiten, is stolen, Andrew must find a method to show it was taken from him using the SanjigenJiten.

Influential lets you discover over 420 words around Andrew’s residence, anchoring their meanings and pronunciations based on the context in which you’d expect to find them in real life, just like a child learns. To master the material, play five mini-games that test your knowledge in different ways, such as via text and verbal comprehension.

You can also find hidden adjectives and verbs and even control a toy ship with lasers to destroy words that match the Seek and Destroy mode prompt with gold stars. You can also keep track of how many times you’ve mastered each phrase on your vocabulary list, and you’ll eventually achieve fluency, just like in real life, but with a lot more lasers.

Influent on Android includes several new features, including a reworked German translation and language packs for mobile versions of Welsh, Polish and Dutch. Improved tutorial and progress tracking that helps you start playing and learning faster.

“After releasing Influent for iOS, I heard many people saying they wanted an Android version,” said Rob Howland, creator of Influent and co-founder of Three Flip Studios. “I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the Android version and working on some cool new features, including an in-depth tutorial to make this first step in learning a new language as easy and fun as possible.”

Influent will be available as a free download for Android users on Thursday, April 21 on the Google Play Store, in French, Italian, and Korean versions. Additional language packs cost $3.99 each and there are 21 language packs.

NoobFeed reviewed Influential when the game first launched on Steam in 2014.

Asura Kagawa (@AsuraKagawa)
Publisher, NoobFeed


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