Introduce the study of sign language in our schools


The communication barrier is one of the main issues that holds many Deaf people back. Living in an inclusive world, a world made up of people with multiple differences, you have to get to know each other better in order to get along better. This can only be achieved through effective communication. Unfortunately, due to communication barriers, many people have a huge misunderstanding. Some consider them stupid, crazy, crazy, etc.

The communication barrier has brought various challenges that affect not only the personal success of deaf people, but also their educational, spiritual and economic development.

Due to this obstacle, many deaf people experience loneliness, depression and isolation at home because they have no one to communicate with as most family members do not know how to communicate with them.

In many institutions of higher education, Deaf students face many challenges that interfere with their studies. Many of these institutions do not offer special services like sign language interpreters. As a result, these students more often sit in the classroom and helplessly watch their teachers interact with other students.

Deaf people also face immense employment challenges. Many organizations and businesses find it difficult to employ Deaf people to work with them because of this barrier. This is why many deaf people have been automatically disqualified in job interviews despite meeting all other requirements.

Although the current administration has enacted a law that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities, thanks to their desire for inclusion; it failed to eliminate the underlying causes of discrimination.

In order to nip discrimination based on deafness in the bud, sign language should be introduced as a core subject in all schools to break down the communication barrier.

This will not only improve the communication gap between the Deaf and their hearing counterparts, but also end the discrimination and stigma they face and create a comfortable environment for them to live in this inclusive world.

Ibrahim Tukur is a 400 level student, from Bayero University, Kano


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