AOJ Language School’s “Private Japanese Lessons” service for individual customers will start in January 2023


Private Japanese LessonsA private Japanese lesson is a service that allows students to take private lessons with a Japanese teacher.

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Free trial lesson

Free trial lesson

The online Japanese language school “AOJ Language School” offers individual Japanese lessons by Japanese teachers on January 11, 2023

CHIYODA, TOKYO, JAPAN, Nov. 18, 2022 / — Online Japanese language school “Attain Online Japanese (AOJ) Language School”, operated by Attain Corporation, will start offering its “Private Japanese Lesson” service , which offers individual Japanese lessons by Japanese teachers on January 11, 2023

Attain Online Japanese Language School opened in April 2022. The strength of the school is that students can enroll from anywhere in the world with the internet connection, and it offers live lessons taught by Qualified and experienced Japanese instructors in the field at convenient times to attend from different time zones around the world. The program is structured based on Attain Online Japanese Courses, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Online Learning Videos produced since 2014, and is ideal for learners who want to prepare effectively for the JLPT.

In the meantime, many individual needs have been raised, such as “I want more conversation practice”, “I want to focus on my weak points” and “I want to study the JLPT at my own pace. To meet these needs, the school decided to provide the “Private Japanese Lesson (Individual Lesson)” service. The private Japanese lesson is taught by Japanese teachers who can meet the different learning needs of Japanese learners.

A private Japanese course is a service that allows students to take private lessons with a Japanese teacher. The content of the lessons can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of the student, from preparing for the JLPT to practicing conversation, or specializing in a specialist area of ​​the Japanese language. Of course, the program can be decided after consultation with an experienced Japanese teacher.

The individual lesson is offered on a ticket basis, with each ticket providing 45 minutes of instruction. Unlike group lessons, which accept registrations only twice a year, in spring and autumn, students can register for private Japanese lessons throughout the year with the purchase of a ticket. The class schedule is transferable, so there is no need to worry about sudden schedule changes.

Attain Online Japanese Language School offers a free trial lesson that simulates a group lesson. It is possible to get an idea of ​​the atmosphere and the communication of the teacher. Also, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on individual Japanese lessons.

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Features of Private Japanese Lessons
-Flexible hours
Unlike group courses, which only accept registration twice a year, students can apply for courses throughout the year.
Class schedules are adjusted on an individual basis and catch-up classes due to schedule changes are also available.
-Course content adapted to the needs of the students
Individual instruction is available and lesson content can be discussed flexibly.
Lessons can be tailored to meet a wide range of student needs, including everyday conversation, business conversation, JLPT preparation, and more.
-High quality lessons by experienced teachers
Classes are taught by Japanese instructors who are certified to teach Japanese and have extensive experience in the field of Japanese language teaching.
The school will offer the most suitable course content according to the learners’ needs.
-Free participation in the popular courses of the AOJ language school!
You can participate for free in the “Japanese Culture Exchange Course” offered in the group lessons of AOJ Language School.


Private Japanese lessons are chargeable.
You can start taking classes at any time of the year.
Each lesson costs JPY 4,000/45 minutes.

Purchase options
4 sheets: 16,000 yen
8 sheets: 32,000 yen
12 tickets: 48,000 yen

Payment methods: PayPal or bank transfer

*Tickets are non-refundable.
*If you cancel the course on the day of the course, the ticket will be cancelled. You must contact us the day before the course to make up for the canceled course.

Procedure after request for private lessons
(1) Please fill in the necessary information on the private lesson request page and send it to us.
(2) AOJ Language School staff will contact you within 3 days. A link to purchase tickets will be emailed to you.
(3) The school will arrange the schedule with the instructor via email and set the date and time of the lesson.
(4) The school will start your private lesson! By communicating with the teacher, please adjust the content of the courses according to your skills and your various availabilities.

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Characteristics of the general course of the AOJ language school (group course)

Free trial lesson registration:

The school also provides Japanese study materials and services to corporate clients. For more information, please click here.

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