Acholi language learning app


Hello, my name is Margaret Amony Denty,

I have embarked on a fundraising project to help preserve our beautiful and precious Acholi language.

I am very passionate about the Acholi culture as a whole, the language, the foods, the dances etc. I could go there…, quite simply I am a very proud Acholi woman!

Unfortunately the language is being lost as many have left our homeland and migrated to different parts of the world and even more sadly is that in Uganda itself the Acholi children only speak English!

The need to preserve it and its importance, surely language is a tool we use to communicate, a means to an end, if you will. However, his mother tongue is more than just a tool.

Not knowing our mother tongue well enough could have a much bigger impact than you could have imagined;

– It helps in cognitive and intellectual development.

-. It helps in second language learning

-It helps you connect with your culture and people

-The mother tongue is essential in framing people’s thoughts and emotions.

* A child first understands what surrounds him through the language in which he hears his mother communicate before he is born and thinks about his life.

The funds will be used for the following:

UK software developer

Ugandan translator x 2

Maintenance of the website and hosting of the website and related content and services (also used by applications)

Android app maintenance

iOS app maintenance

Monthly maintenance until self-sufficiency.

I have financed everything so far, all work on translations is now complete.


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