6 Best Language Learning Games


Based on the widely accepted belief that learning should be rigorous learning filled with fun and joy, the joy of it is not practical. This misconception is common. However, learning a new language with a good time is doable. This is the most acceptable way to do it via games. We all know that learning a new language is complex and can be difficult. It takes constant effort to keep creating, manipulating and understanding the language of the target. But carefully chosen games are essential because they give children a break and allow them to develop their language skills at the same time. Games can be quite motivating as they can be both delightful and complex.

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6 games to learn English, Spanish and French:

While you lay the cards with pictures or words and explanations on your desk, this game is a great opportunity to test your memory. Students try to find a match by selecting a card and then the one that matches. If they are wrong, they place the cards in the same place so they can use the information to make a better guess. If they are correct, they win the game and can move on to the next round. It is possible to start using just a few words or pictures. Themes like toys, animals, jobs, colors and sports, clothes as well as taking time or telling the time, school life holidays, weekly schedules or the weather are just a few that are very effective.

Hangman is a fantastic game to improve your language learning skills. In the game, a list of letters that have no meaning for a specific word or phrase is given to discover the hidden word. You can guess by choosing letters from those on the side panels. The stickman is drawn slowly in case you select an alphabet that does not match the word. If you choose the letter in the word done and the letter turns out among the open letters. The player is drawn to increasing and increasing with each mis-guessed letter. The game ends after the man has been hanged and hanged. That’s why the name of the game is “Hangman”. You can also take online courses from English teachers to improve your English.

The dialogue game is a great choice for advanced or intermediate students looking to develop their conversation skills. It’s a great way to learn grammar and language in conversation; however, it is not a substitute for speaking in conversation with a native Spanish speaker. It’s great because you can focus on a specific aspect of grammar or choose your conversations based on your interests. You will then hear two people talking, then you will have to choose the correct answer to a series of questions.

Rockalingua is a great game as it gives Spanish music for teaching the language. Anyone who learns essential words and phrases can enjoy its games. Each game has its own topic, covering basic verbs, emotions, animals, colors and many more. If you have a tablet or computer, you can play games. The ability of Rockalingua games to be played with all possible answers, not just the correct ones, allows you to improve your listening and repetition skills while learning new terms. If players make bad choices, the Narrators gently encourage them. This site is excellent for using a unique method to practice listening. Games are fun for kids.

The French-games.net site helps you find games that meet your needs. You can choose your theme and difficulty level when you click start. Then you can choose the option to head straight to a class or even games. It will allow you to complete a full study program in a single semester. After completing the game, the next step is an exam where you can write or have multiple choices. Before starting the next topic, the recommendation is to score an 8 or higher on the test. The website also recommends retaking the exam 2 weeks after passing it on the first attempt. Also, taking lessons from French teachers can improve your skills.

Although aimed at children, Hello World offers a wide selection of games and activities that players of all ages and skill levels will enjoy. Simple and colorful point-and-click based games cover topics not available on other French games sites, such as science, puzzles and culture, songs and even Fontaine’s stories. Although most games are not games, they provide various educational opportunities with engaging visual and auditory components. Let’s look at this section Logic Puzzles in the real world. You can listen to three phrases in French by tapping the green play icon in the upper left corner. Each girl gets the hats and items by dragging and clicking on the items above according to the sound you hear. Each object is tapped to display its name and description in French and listen to the spoken word.


If pushed to use information often and in real-life situations such as those generated in English, playing games or learning, children naturally develop faster and can understand more. However, learning a language by playing video games is not an adequate substitute for structured, controlled instruction similar to what you can get in a classroom or through services like AmazingTalker. You can book a English tutor for a trial lesson. There are many basic English lessons to choose from, and they differ in the quality and qualifications of the instructor. AmazingTalker provides many teachers, including French and Spanish tutors, for online lessons.


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