4 useful tips for learning a new language


If you are a student wanting to learn a foreign language, you will know that this can be difficult to do.

Learning new words and practicing foreign pronunciations that don’t come out so easily in your language takes a lot of time and practice. However, if you frequently turn to dictionaries and audio files to aid your learning, it’s time to brighten things up.

Here are four tips for learning a new language.

Read children’s books

Children’s books use simpler words, which makes them useful for language learners. Source: Shutterstock

One of the most useful ways to learn the basics of a language is to read children’s books.

After all, the content is shorter and the vocabulary is basic while the sentence structure is easier to understand, making it useful for novice speakers. Illustrations or pictures in books can also help you guess words, which makes learning more fun.

Diving into harder materials such as newspapers can be demotivating as you may find yourself constantly searching for words, which can be frustrating.

Get the translated version of your favorite book

Reading the translated version of your favorite novel can help you understand the language better. Source: Shutterstock

Once you understand certain words, you can start reading more difficult material to help expand your vocabulary.

To start, you can consider reading the translated version of your favorite book. It can help you guess words and context more easily compared to reading other novels because you already know the plot and characters.

Alternatively, you can turn to audio books and Listen to the translated version of your favorite book.

Use apps

Language apps can be easy and fun to use. Source: Shutterstock

If you spend a lot of time browsing Facebook or Instagram on your phone, you might as well use your device wisely and download a language app to make learning a new language easier.

Apps like Duolingo, Hubbuband busuu can be fun and useful to use, helping you perfect your language any time of the day.

To start, to research suggests using apps to learn a language can be useful for learners who are already enrolled in a language course.

Watch television

Watching TV shows or movies in a new language can be a fun way to learn new words and phrases. Source: Shutterstock

Exposing yourself to native speakers of a new language can help you familiarize yourself with its sounds and structures. But that doesn’t mean you have to immerse yourself in a community of speakers of a particular language.

An informal way to learn a new language is to watch TV series or movies. You can turn on subtitles to help you catch words if characters speak too fast. This prolonged exposure can help you learn new words and phrases over time.

Watching TV is also a fun way to learn because you can avoid the low motivation when you can’t wait to watch your new favorite TV show.

It can certainly complement your formal learning of a new language.

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